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Administration of Projects under The European Social Fund


LXP Consulting offers assistance to projects by administering the grants they receive from the Social Fund. We are experts on rules, administration and reporting in relation to the Social Fund. This means that LXP Consulting has thorough knowledge of the standards and documentation requirements of the Social Fund and Opus+.

We have developed efficient systems for registration as well as useful and professional tools to show the project management whether the project is heading in the right direction.

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Registration for a project under the Social Fund may seem a difficult and time-consuming task. Contact us and let us take care of it.

LXP Consulting can handle almost all aspects of the complicated administration of your project and ensures correct documentation of registrations. This frees time for the project organization to spend on developing and running the project.

We can assist in:

- the start-up process and provide good advice

- writing monthly reports which we prepare and send to the project management

- status reporting

- registration using Opus+ based on your time registration, pay slips and expenditure vouchers

- the budget process 



- making sure the time sheets are filled out correctly

- providing advice on what costs are allowed

- ensuring that you stay within the budget and meet the schedule

- providing required status reports, i.e. in January, May and September

- calculating Social Fund grants and updating the budget

- building up an appropriate chart of accounts in Opus+

- completing registration of participants in Opus+

- correct calculation of reimbursement for participants and adult-education allowance (VEU)

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