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Application for projects under the European Structural Funds


LXP Consulting can help shape your application so that the budget and description of the project provide the best possible prerequisite for the implementation of your project.

This will increase the possibility of your application being approved and your project funded.

The extent of our services varies according to your demand. We can help you with:

¢ the entire application, including the content of you project description and budget, as well as sparring over your ideas

¢ part of your application, fine-tuning and expert comments

¢ either budget, project description and/or the idea phase

¢ any other parts of the application process that you need help with


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LXP Consulting has many years of experience in preparing and evaluating project applications for the Structural Funds. When a project has been approved for funding, the project must be organised according to the application. Therefore, it is vital that the application is specific and realizable. Structural Fund projects will regularly face rejections on already conducted project expenses, if these expenses are not taken into account in the application.

The application should be:

Written in a clear and distinct language, suited for the reader

¢ specific in its description of what the project contains

¢ a complete application with no loose ends

¢ match the aims and action plans for the specific fund or pool

¢ contain SMART-goals

Throghout the writing phase, LXP Consulting uses the tool SMART, which focuses on making the application Strategic, Measurable, Accepted, Realisable and Time Limited. The overall goals should be strategic, while the subsidiary goals should be specific, realisable and time limited.



Text on the way.The National Agency for Enterprise and Construction is responsible for handling applications for the central funds, while the five regional fora take care of local and regional project applications. There will typically be about four to six meetings in the regional growth fora, where the applications will be evaluated.

The application must usually be submitted a couple of months before the growth fora's evaluation meetings.

Find more information and application scheme, as well as instructions and declarations for the application here:




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