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Company Profile



We are the professional collaborator for projects that receive grants from the European Social Fund.

We have provided consulting services to more than 75 projects under the European Structural Funds in almost all of the priorities. That qualifies us to assist projects in the entire process related to a project, such as application, administration, consulting, etc.

L and P in LXP stand for Lars Pedersen - the owner – and the X is for the employees.


LXP Consulting's objectives are to ensure that our customers use their resources on the content of their projects rather than on difficult administration, complicated regulations and evaluations which could easily lead to subjective conclusions.

We aim to be the best business partner for projects in terms of assistance for applications, administration and evaluation of projects funded by public grants.

Our values express what we want to be acknowledged for by our customers, business partners and in society in general:

- Professionalism

- Clear language

- Personal and professional skills

- Responsibility

- Focus on the fact that the process is just as important for the project as the goal



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